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[Guide] Pet Inheritance v1

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This guide is meant to assist players into making a level 3 Bind Skilled Pet.
This guide is based on my experience and not actually how the system works (It's mostly luck) However, I have leveled 8 pets now with lvl 3 Bind Skill and my way seems to be working.
No Flamming Allowed.  If you want to add your 2 cents, go for it.  But do not belittle a player for not knowing something or asking questions.

In This guide we will be starting with a fresh level 1 pet.  Any pet, it doesn't matter.   Always have a pet farming exp in the guild farm.  If you don't have a guild, get one... If you can't find one... Make one.  You NEED the guild farm. (Among other things of having a guild)

It doesn't matter what level you are.  But you need to go to the highest map that you can go to to farm exp.  If you are level 70+, then go to Blazing Valley.  

Equip your level 1 pet and do the regional or whatever, just AFK encounter monsters.  


This is IMPORTANT.  Every single time your pet levels up, it has a chance to increase it's bind skill.    YOU SHOULD NOT be Inheriting pets right off the bat and praying your bind skill increases.  This is a waste of resources.

You can AFK your pet over night if need be and Level 1-30 pretty fast.  30+ the exp gets a little harder.  Some ways to increase the exp faster is take your pet with you when you do your class quests / dungeons / weekly / etc.  Your pet will gain exp from all of these quests.

I personally manually level my pets to 45ish, and every single time I have received level 2, and sometimes even level 3 bind skills.

Now, by the time if your pet hasn't achieved level 3 bind skill at the level of 45, it's now time to start using the inheritance feature.

Remember, I always said keep pets farming exp in guild farm.  Now, it's time to use them.

There are many rumor's on how to do it and what's best.  I will share what I have done and what has worked.  

The first misconception is the level 20+ rule to gain level 3 bind skills.  This is false.  I have tested it many times, and it doesn't matter how much greater in level the pet is, that is consumed.  However, the pet that is consumed needs to be at least 1 level higher.  Remember, earlier in the guide I said the pet has a CHANCE to increase it's bind skill every time it level ups.  This is true.  I've taken a level 48 Spider Queen with Level 2 Bind Skill and ate a Lvl 50 noob pet and the Queen increased to lvl 3 bind skill.  Luck?  Absolutely.   But it does prove that the lvl 20+ is false.  

So it's basically up to you on how you wish to do it.  

My technique is, place a pet in farm till lvl 50..  Use it.. if it doesn't increase the bind skill then your pet is now level 50.  So place a new pet in the farm twice, and it should be like 55-57, Then use it.  Rinse and repeat.  If by level 65+ your pet doesn't have a lvl 3 bind skill... You need to suck it up and start a new one, with the same process.  However, when you get your new pet to 60+, you can then use the old pet you failed on to inherit.

When trying to make a strong pet, I highly suggest you save all your pet stars / talent potions / resist cards and not waste them on pets.  Wait until you have a level 3 bind skill pet that you know you want to use and then start making it powerful.  

Some people choose to use all the above mentioned stuff, and it's no big deal.. but just remember you need to transfer that pet into your level 3 bind skill pet or you will have wasted all them.  

I would add pictures, but I feel there is no need.  If there is a high demand I guess I can.

If you have questions, ask away

I currently have leveled 22 pets with a lvl 3 bind skill (July 31st 2013)

I hope this guide helped a bit... Feel free to test stuff out on your own and make your own technique perfect.



nice guide ~!
thanks for this.
it helps alot.


nice guide, ll try it

i had 4 pets to which i transferred lv 66-70 pets green/blue
out of em 3 got lv3 bind skill

sharing some of my  experiences


Eh, it didn't mention the color grade of pets because all I've ever used was green pets.

I don't think the color grade really has that big of a factor in it.


oh. so all of this time i've been doing it wrong that why i keep on getting lv2 bind skills only. THANKS FOR THIS GUIDE! now i proves that the 20+ isnt really that helpful.


oh. so all of this time i've been doing it wrong  that why i keep on getting lv2 bind skills only. ...
Riks Posted at 2013-5-28 03:56

Yea, that lvl 20+ thing was nonsense.  Most likely someone just got lucky and it happened so they assumed it to be true.

but like I said.. this guide isn't 100% guaranteed.  It's still a lot of luck.

I had to do this process 3 times before getting the lvl 3 bind skill on my Serp King.  (Could sold those King's for ingots and made profit)


Requesting this be stickied for awhile at least.  Lot's of players ask about this.. Might as well place it on top so they can find it and it doesn't get buried


The long wait is finally over, i'll try it on cadmus. Hope it works fine for me.
Thanks Garlaanx!


The long wait is finally over, i'll try it on cadmus. Hope it works fine for me.
Thanks Garlaanx!
Shim Posted at 2013-5-28 04:02

    Yes, sorry it took so long.. I know you been waiting for it.  I been busy   And since the servers were going to be down for 4 hours and I plan on being up for 24 hours to play the new update, I figured I'd make it real quick to try and stay awake   

Enjoy, and I hope it helps you


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