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[GUIDE] How to Level-Up Fast, Enchantment Lock and FAQ ( updated )

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I decided to create a guide on how to level up fast due to lot's of people asking why do I level fast while they're having a hard
time gaining EXP to level and other Frequently Asked Question by New Players.

How To Level Up Fast:
Once you Reach Lv48 wherein after you finish main quest, you need to be Lv50 to get the continuation of the quest then the next part
would be at Lv52 or 53, 55, 57, 59, 60, 62 and so on.

For you to Level UP to 50 fast is you must use 1.2x ( bound ingot shop)
or 1.5x scroll (from daily signed in you got), but before you use it you must:

- Get Main Quest
- Get Class Quest daily
- Get Side Quest ( unlock after doing main quest scenario )
- Weekly Quest
- Security Quest
- Ready Farm for Harvest ( 6 Plants )
- Finish Instance Quest and Ready for returning it.
- Ready 20x 20k~50k EXP Potions ( from events and Regional/World Boss )
- Hero Temple
- Expedition
- Ancient Path Floor 1 ( 45-55 ), Floor 2 ( 50-60 )
- Quiz
- Solo Arena
- Tiamat
- Guild Banquet
- And some Teleport Scrolls ( from Guild Shop )

Once your Trees are ready and Normal Instance/Heroic Instance, use 1.2x scroll or 1.5x scroll then claim EXP Tree
and return Normal/Heroic Instance quest. After you return quest start doing main quest along with class quest, and do side quest once main quest is done then finish class quest last after doing main/side quest because those quest gives more exp than class quest on lower levels.
Don't forget to use teleport scrolls when going to place that's 2 or 3 maps away for you not to waste time of your EXP Scroll.
If you finish all the Main/Side/Class Quest skill, now you use EXP Potions you got from Events 20x while your EXP Scroll still active,
because EXP Scroll not only affect quest EXP but also EXP from Potions, Hero Temple, Expedition. If you still have time left in your scroll,
this is the time where you going to do Hero Temple and Expedition, once you reach your limit in those said Instances, this is where
you going to start doing weekly quest, yes you got it right. WEEKLY QUEST the 200 laps one, it gives 20k exp from lap 1 and increases
100 exp per lap, you'll get around 6m EXP and more specially with EXP Scroll activated, but before doing that, make sure you have golds
( to buy blue, purple equipment in market ) and monster drop potions ( like briarthorn, wolf steak etc ) so you don't need to hunt them
and just finish 100 laps within an hour or less, you can use 2 EXP scroll per day so if it got expired, buy another one and continue
your weekly quest. After that, take SECURITY QUEST from NPC in Figaro Mountain ( forgot his name ) the 100 laps quest that gives 1k exp 100 skill points, 100k exp from him still useful and quest are easy to finish, your ultimate enemy is YOU GETTING BORED.

with this you'll get to Lv 60 in no time, you can Lv like 1 per day or two, don't forget to do Ancient Path without EXP Scroll and some
of your Vigor for Heroic Dungeon, also try to do Quiz, Solo Arena, Tiamat everyday. It's okay if you don't get in RANK, they still give a good
amount of EXP. Also ask your Guild Master or fellow Member with high Donation Points to activate banquet, they give 5k-40k EXP or More per Recipe.

How to get Orange Equipment:
You can redeem orange equipment from Ancient Path Envoy NPC, you can also buy Dark Steel from him worth 200 seal points, and 100 arena points for other materials such as Ectoplasm, Chalcedony, Manjusaka, Dragon Bone, Beast Soul and Sage Stone, you can get
orange materials from Heroic Instances and hunting Regional/World Boss.

Where to Farm Advance Star Stone:
You can farm Advance Star Stone from Lv55 Regional Map Boss/World Boss and above. You can farm from Beauty and Beast too, just kill the mushroom with 8000 BP, they drop M Skill Box and Pet Talent Potions too, Farm gives you a chance to dig Advance Star Stone but not that much, Bartel gives you a daily quest with Advance Star Stone as a Reward. Monster and Chest from heroic instances drops them too.

What is Collection Point and How to get them:
Collection Points are used to buy Exclusive Items Such as Pet Skill Box, Low Level Soul, Numen Exp, Silver, Pet Pill Etc. You can get
Collection Points from Secret Hoard event where you're going to Click spawned Mystic Ore and get 20pts from it, while you can Slay
other player and get 10pts of their Collection Points, you'll get no points if your level is 10 or higher than them.

Where to Farm Gems:
You can farm DoT ( Damage over Time ) Gems such as BLD ( Bleed ), POI ( Poison ), BRN ( Burn ) from Ancient Path Flr 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
and DoT resistance Gem from Flr 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Ancient Path Envoy sell some Gems like PATK, MATK, HP, MP, STN, SLB, PTF, CHS and its Resistance worth 320-600 Seals. Mysterious Ore event gives you a chance to dig Lv2 or 3 Gems from using hammer you got from Ghost Miner. Glory Sacrifice event also gives Gems too by using Ritual Tribute item you got from Acorns Spawned in Figaro Mountain during event time and redeem from Luisa.

Where to Farm Valor Seals fast:
You can get seals from doing Regional Quest specially from Figaro Mountain where this will be the start of getting higher Pts than
doing Regional in Digsite and Guardian Fort, Heroic Boss gives huge amount of Seals too, depends on Instance Lv, Higher floor in
Hero Temple Gives a lot of them too.
AP Floor 1 : 80 Valor Seals
AP Floor 2 : 160 Valor Seals
AP Floor 3 : 320 Valor Seals
AP Floor 4 : 640 Valor Seals
AP Floor 5 : 1280 Valor Seals

Valor seals can be used to buy Purple Grade Outstanding Quality equipment, Pet Egg, Gems, Pet Skills and Pet upgrade like Pet Stone and White Sub.

How to get High ATK:
You can get High ATK rate by equipping Bloodthirsty title that gives 4%-20% depends on how many quest you finished, you can get 2x or more same type enchant on 1 equip depends on color grade, Blue equipment can get a maximum of 4 stats, Purple can get 5 and 6 for Orange grade Equipment. 2x or more PATK/MATK on Weapon, Necklace, Ring, Amulet and Gloves can make you stronger even if you don't have PATK/MATK Gems but doing 2x or more via enchanting alone will need your LUCK on getting those stats, and if you have ingot, buying enchant lock will do the work.

You can farm Blue Enchantment starting Heroic Figaro and above, Events such as Guild Trial, Dumb Bandit drops Blue, Purple and Orange Enchantments, Regional Boss drops them too, you can redeem Purple Enchantments from Porte by exchanging 5pcs Blue Enchantments per 1 Purple Enchantment and 5 Purple Enchantment for 1 Orange Enchantment, while Orange Enchantment can be farmed in Top Duel Arena.

Here's how Enchant Lock System Works. You need to lock the stat you don't want to be removed like in the screenshot below.

this what is should look like, this is a screenshot of my inventory while trying to get more MATK stat for my Gloves, once Locked, press Enchant button to create new batch of stat, you can check the Enchantment Lock button below to autimatically buys a Lock for you using 20 Ingot each Enchantment. After pressing Enchant, your new stat will be displayed along with your Locked Stat like in the screenshot below. ( note: this screenshot was my 2nd lock, I accidentally clicked 2x on enchant )

As you can see, my Locked MATK Stat was moved/appeared in my newest enchant along with random stats i got from enchanting, you can click replace now without losing your first matk stat though i didn't replace mine due to i don't like SLB on mage, i rather go for Stun and Petrify.

What does BLESSED and PSYCHIC title do?
Blessed title adds DOTR range 4%~20% depends on cleared floor in Ancient Path, while Psychic title adds CR range 100~900 depends on gold accumulated, DOTR means for me is Damage over Time ( Bleed, Burn, Poison ) meaning, it increase your BLDR, BRNR and POIR after equiping it, while CR ( i dont know what it means lol ) adds STNR, SILR, CHSR, PTFR and SLBR.

This are the most question new players asked me in-game. Hope you like my guide even I don't know how to create one
and Hope it'll help you all.

i wont recommend spending seals on gems btw good guide


thanks skades, yeah but i just put it there for new players know where to get gems if they need one specially from free user player , though gems like PTF,STN,SLB,CHS can be bough either from AP envoy or in Exorcism, SORT which require the use of ingot, or from market as well


Not a bad guide ;)  good for starters


Good Guide but not advisable for me. (^^;)

Using exp multiplier below level.60 is a waste,.


nice guide


Reply 5# Ace Kun

    its not a waste and it only cost 20 bound ingots so no harm on using them everyday


skades is right, 1.2x scroll can be bought in bound ingot shop using 20 pts, you can earn hundreds of them per day, and you can only use 2x of scroll per day.


Well this should be stickied soon.


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