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[MUST READ] Forum & Ingame Rules

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Common rules (both forum & game):
1. Both forums and games are English only (in game foreign language only in team/private chat/guild, the message says tagalog only because of the pinoy pride spam but it is in fact all foreign languages are not allowed, so this is no excuse to use Spanish, indo, Portuguese or any other language.)
2. We are all players here and no one is better than the other, hence no race or creed is better than the other and we would like to have a clean and fun game, so please no racism, or any sort of gender, political or nationality stigmatization or abuse.
3. Do not flame peoples post..
4. Do not troll.
5. Do not name call/disrespect members.
6. Do not use obscene and/or lewd language to bash developers.
7. In addition to no obscene pictures, no obscene/abusive language.
8. No obscene/abusive language.

Forum Exclusive:
1. Do not post for the sake of posting something. Post any inbound links will directly ban member.
2. Do not post obscene and/or lewd pictures. (This Includes Signatures as well)
3. Use sentence structure and paragraphs (no one likes reading wall-o-text).
4. Make sure you SEARCH before posting. Re-post will likely be locked.
5. Do not cross/double post, posting replies one after the other, or do not cross post for the sake of bumping threads.
6. Only one account is allowed/ person. Even if the game allows you to create multiple accounts and alts, the forum doesn't allow multiple accounts.

In Game Exclusives:
1. For in game, rp chat games are not allowed by staff, but has left it up to mods to decide, so that both sides, pro and anti rp can win at the same time, rp is allowed in dead chat channels or guild chatsbut please keep topics clean, it is not allowed in world chat as it can be deemed as flood/spam, and also it may annoy/offend other players, so with these selective chats, rpers get to rp and non rpers dont have to look at rp.
These rules MUST be followed at all times!No exceptions!

Enjoy the forum and game and become a part of Tales of Solaris growing community.


No flaming, personal attacks or harassment
There is a zero tolerance policy on this site in regards to members flaming, attacking or harassing another member in any way. We've all seen other forums, seen the unhelpful and nasty attitudes of some of the other posters, and we want users to be able to come here to get away from that. We will always find points on which we disagree with someone else, but we would ask members to try to keep an open mind to other people's points of views, and when you disagree, be civil and polite. This is especially true for people's personal opinions? Disagreeing does not make the other person wrong. Share your opinions about the topic, not the poster.
Note: This includes calling other members"noobs, telling them to "L2P," etc.
Note 2: Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties is forbidden.
Note 3: Posting of any players' in game coordinates is forbidden.
Note 4: Public accusations of cheating or rule-breaking by another player/member are not allowed. Proper reports of such activity may be made through our customer service center.

Prohibited Topics
Some topics inevitably lead to conflict and discussions tend to create heated emotional responses and unnecessarily hostile or offensive remarks. Game321 is meant to be a place where people of widely differing views can come without fear of hostility, offense or lecture. For this reason, discussion in-game and on the forums should avoid highly controversial topics. Content which fails to meet these criteria may be censored or punished on a temporary or permanent basis; no complaints will be processed on these topics and, as always, the forum moderators and representatives will have the final say.
Do not discuss the following prohibited topics:
•        Exploits, botting, !@s or cheats
•        Illegal activity and drug use
•        Politics and Religion
•        Sex and sexuality (including all sub-topics such as pedophilia, and including any sexual internet)
•        Anything which violates the Terms of Use.

No spamming!
This includes, but is not confined, to posting threads on topics where a thread already exists, posting the same topic in multiple forums (if you have a post that encompasses two categories, make a separate post for each in the proper areas) and making non-constructive posts, especially unnecessary negative sarcastic comments (note the distinction between humor and sarcasm). This also includes posts which are not related to Game321 (except in Off Topic forum) and bumping old posts back to the first page. Use your judgment. Spamming is definitely off limits, we don't wish to read the same thing from the same person multiple times - posts like this will be edited / deleted.
No Advertising!
This site has many things? But a bulletin board to promote other websites its not. When people start a website they want to spread the word. We were the same. However just like we did, we expect people to request permission before using our hard work to promote their own. Many times we will have no problem with helping another gaming website. However, posting without our permission will not only have your advertisement removed, you may find yourself unable to posting the future.
It's common website courtesy to ask permission, just as it is to provide link backs or a thank you to those websites that helped promote you.
Moderators will not post links in their signature under any circumstances, unless instructed too.

No Illegal Stuff!
Posting contents and links of politically extremist, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden. It is also not allowed to post keys, !@s, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.

Respect For The Staff (Administrators and Moderators) TheGame321 Forum is a discussion community for the game of Game321, under the sole authority of its Administrators, and run with the aid of Moderatorswgame321rity of the Administrators. At all times will members of this Forum follow the instructions of staff members, including these moderators and administrators. They are acting on behalf of the Administrators; questioning their actions or motivations in public messages is not welcome. Instead, should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, you are asked to please contact one of the Administrators via email or private message to express your concerns, instead of taking matters into your own hands. Our staff is entirely volunteer, and deserves the freedom to be able to do their volunteer jobs; at the same time, we recognize that not every decision is infallible, though we would like to be able to discuss the matter with you freely.

Any attempt and buying/selling/trading accounts will lead to an immediate perm ban upon report.

Note: denouncing any member of the staff with inflammatory and false statements is ban-able.

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