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Newbie Guide (work in progress)

ok so first off welcome guys to ngames new game title "Tales of Laputa"
so lets start at the char creation screen.
2013-4-7 17:46

here you will see the various classes available to you, there is also at the bottom of this panel a mini tool tip on the class's aesthetics , the option of which sex of that class you would like to play as, as well as inputing your favored in game name in the box next to the word "character". after that is done its time to click "Start Game" and let the fun begin!

after entering the game you will come to the basic screen display that doesnt change much during the course of the game:
2013-4-7 17:49

the two basic things i will explain here are to the left top and bottom of the screen:
2013-4-7 17:51

to the bottom you see the chat box, the part highlighted in red is the channel options where you can select which chat channels to view and speak in. the top shows the options to go to the charge page (top up) ,to add the page to your browsers favorites (add to favorites) , to go the the homepage of the game (website) and lastly to go to the game's forum (forum).


now i will start explaining the buttons to the bottom right of the display.
first off is the meditate option.
2013-4-7 17:55

using this option your character enters a passive state of gaining exp, note you must leave the game page open for this feature to continue working. exp is gained through the duration of time spent in meditation mode. you may also get bonus exp from meditation if you are vip user (15%)


next on the list is the button named status :
2013-4-7 17:58

this button brings up your character panel and displays its stats ( attack, defence etc)
there are also other options in the status menu :
2013-4-7 18:01

this shows the attributes of your char with respect to elemental gem embedding.
2013-4-7 18:02

zodiac is a helpful panel, it allows you to level up each zodiac attribute, each zodiac bestows a boost to a different stat.
2013-4-7 18:04

this is a more cosmetic panel showing char info such as birth date, birth area and mood
2013-4-7 18:05

titles also provide boost when you earn them, as highlighted, you see the title name, and the boosts they provide and the checked off box shows which titles are equipped.


now to the "bag" button
2013-4-7 18:08

in this panel you see highlighted by red the different bag numbers as you may have more than one bag to store items.
in blue it shows locked bag panels you need expansion talisman to expand your bag slots to hold more items.
in yellow it shows your character's wealth, with its gold tally, bound ingot tally, and seal tally (gotten from regional quests and used to trade for purple gear) and lastly ingots (premium currency)
in purple you see options or quick options from the bag menu, organize reorganizes your bags, auction links to auction house/market(unbound items), sell allows you to sell bound items for some trivial gold, and repair all repairs your gear so they wont break.

the bag option to the top also has a pet button:
2013-4-7 18:13

this shows your pet inventory with the pets your current have.

the last option is the quest item inventory:
2013-4-7 18:14

this shows the quest items you currently have for completing your quests.


the next button i will explain is the skill button:
2013-4-7 18:16

this panel shows the respective skills for your class, both active and passive, active being those you must activate and passive those that are auto activated on battle or other skill activation.
to the bottom of the panel you see skill points and gold highlighted to level up a skill a specific amount of skill points and gold is required as well as specific char level. to the right you see the skill description and its effects etc.


next on the list is the friend button
2013-4-7 18:19

here you will see your friends, blacklisted persons and enemies, the 2 other tabs also show your recently added friends (right tab/green) and your lover (left tab/blue)
to the center of the screen shows how you may add your friend, via their ign (in game name) or char id.


next is the guild button (i am not in a guild so i can only provide the info to a person that is not in a guild)
2013-4-7 18:22

on clicking this button you open the panel as shown the main part shows the clan listing, names, level ,owner/chairman and current amount of members vs max members.
the orange highlights the apply button, if you wish to join a guild you need to click this to apply to join, note this does not mean you will be added as chairmen may decline you application. next to this in green you see view which allows you to view the associated guild/members.
in the dark red to the left you will see create a guild, this allows you to make your own guild for the cost of 10,000 gold.
in the bright red you will see the page number and scroll buttons to scroll backward and forward through the pages showing the existing guilds.
and in purple if you know a specific guild you will like to apply to you can enter the name and click search.


the next button is the market button:
2013-4-7 18:27

this is the panel which allows you to do interactive sales/purchases with other players with unbound items.
to the left you see options of gear items etc so you may select which category you wish to see, and to the top as well are options to refine your search.
the 2 buttons to the bottoms shows your auctioned items and the other allows you to auction items that are unbound, you need to input your sale price and sale duration as well as sale currency type.


next is the enhance button:
2013-4-7 18:30

the enhance panel thus far i have only dealt with star upgrade, star upgrade helps you to increase the stat of your gear.
you place the equipment from the right top panel(orange) in to the green square, the enhancing item from the bottom right panel (pink), after which when you are ready to upgrade you click the upgrade button to the middle at the bottom of the panel. you may also select auto upgrade to a selected desired amount of stars. to the left highlighted in yellow shows the gear at its max or best enhanced/star level.


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